What is Local Got Talent ?

Red Sun IT Services (SMS-Pvt) Ltd. (Local Got Talent as its application platform) is a portal connecting people, such as professional Service Providers with Customer. Such professionals are event planners, event helper, home shifting assistant, tutor, driver, tour guide, dishwasher and cleaner, housekeeping, dog walker, chef/cooking assistant, elderly care, cleaner for your house and garden, plumber, electrician, artists, etc. in your vicinity to help households and businesses deal with all jobs that require urgent attention.

Our Vision and Mission

The world as a global village, with information technology and innovation, we bring people together. A platform simple and easy, yet delivers to your daily home needs, the best possible service for all clients and service professionals included.

Chairman's Message

Local Got Talent aims at making your life easier, for you to stop worrying and start living. The philosophy revolves around the simple idea of delivering great service experience to all customers in a much better way by working together. A place for professionals to deliver quality services and to be able to do what you love and make money while you are at it. “Local Got Talent” helps people do what they love.

Why Us

You always struggle at getting a good handyman in the city and ask family and friends to recommend you one, Local Got Talent has made it not only easy and time efficient, but our process has made it even better than most of the peers in the industry.

Founder's Profile

Not many people can claim how they change the world in their 30’s but Mr. Amir Amin Pardesi can.

Amir Amin Pardesi the founder of Local Got Talent and Managing Direction of “World Trade Center (WTC)” and “THE GIGA GROUP”, revolutionized the perception of the corporate industry with his business intellect. He holds many executive and leadership position in the member group companies.

Giga Mall


Under Mr. Amir Amin Perdesi stewardship, GIGA Group has completed many successful projects around the Gulf, Europe, and in countries across the globe.

The Giga Group has brought the internationally renowned World Trade Center to Pakistan in collaboration with the Al-Ghurair group of the U.A.E. The World Trade Center has 317 affiliates worldwide in 91 countries and will only expand over time. The Giga Mall operating at the World Trade Center is the largest mall in the country.

Red Sun IT Services (SMC-Pvt) Ltd.

Local Got Talent is a mobile application owned by Red Sun IT Services (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. (Reg-No: 0143769)