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DOWNLOAD APP APPLY AS A SERVICE PROVIDER A Phone Application to avail the services of
professionals, such as Event Planners, Electricians,
Barbers, Tutors and many more!

We are currently hiring Service Providers! Applicants from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan can apply now!

How it Works

The Local Got Talent phone application has an easy to use interface. We kept the customers' ease of use in mind, and focused performance rather than design. Following is how Local Got Talent operates:

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Signing Up on LGT Phone App is really easy. You need to enter your phone number and personal details, then wait for an OTP via SMS, enter the code in the application and there, you're registered!

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LGT provides you a list of services in the Phone Application. Pick any service you need from the list, select a sub-category if needed, and that's it. Easy!

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Let the Service Provider know the location where you need your services. LGT provides you with easy to use Maps. You can place a marker at your location, confirm the booking, and there Service Provider will be on their way in no time!

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Giga Group is over 50-years business conglomerate doing business in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Tanzania and is engaged in the business of real estate development, construction, textile, gold, which now brings Local Got Talent! Under Red Sun IT Services (SMC_PVT) Ltd. (Registered)

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What the Platform Offers

Local Got Talent offers a wide number of features and services to provide our users with a great experience.

All in One Services Platform

Local Got Talent provides tons of services in a single application. No need to go anywhere else!

On Demand Booking

Hire a Service Provider and see them at your desired location after a little time. Get work done!

Scheduled Booking

Need someone for later? We got you covered. Schedule a booking with a Service Provider for a later date easily.

Instant Support

Our Customer Support keeps on growing. And we're all here for you. You are our priority.

Services at Your Doorstep

Get Service Providers at your desired location. Any time, any place. Just press a few buttons and see it for yourself.

An Easy Way to Earn

It's a great way to earn money for people. Think of it as a freelancing platform. Be your own boss. Do what you want to do.

Multiple Payment Methods

We offer multiple payment methods such as Cash on Delivery, Visa, Mastercard and more!

Maps Integration

We provide Maps intregrated in the application to make it easier for Service Providers to navigate to the Customer's location. And for Users to track the Service Providers.

Service Categories

Local Got Talent offers lots of services for their customers and the LGT services pool keeps growing with new talent coming in each day! Hire their services and benefit from their talent.

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Community Forum

Visit our community forum for discussions on jobs, hiring, services in your area, feedback and more! We have a very responsive team so keep an eye out for our top guns to be joining the heat!


Easy and Simple Interface

The Local Got Talent Phone Application has an easy and user friendly interface. You'll get everything done in a few of clicks. We kept everything minimal on the front, and optimized on the back to make operations go smoothly and get you your services at your doorstep. The application is compatible with phones using Android version 6 and onwards to reach out the maximum amount of users. Afterall, we're here to make things easier for you.

Download Beta Version


Everything you need to know so you can use Local Got Talent like a Pro!

A Service Provider is someone who has a skill and is available for hire to lend you their services using their skill and talent. A Service can be Nursing service, Gardening service, Tution service, hence Nurses, Gardeners and Tutors are Service Providers.
Our application helps you find a solution to your problems and a Service Provider is a very important part of it. They will be there to help and provide their quality services to you. They are our trusted and skilled employees and we have provided them with a special LGT PVC Card for identification. We have providers available for variety of tasks, they will ensure that they’ve completed their tasks on time. You can always choose the provider you like from our list of providers available for a specific task through our application.
Register your free account or download our application today and let our Service providers help you.

Our providers can bring their team with them in case of Services that require more than one person. In that case all the team members will have their own personal LGT PVC Cards with them. As a policy, our providers are not allowed to bring someone who doesn’t hold a an LGT Identity Card. If this happens, you can report by calling our Customer Support Center.

No need to worry in case that happens. We have a whole Support Team here just to help with these problems. They will help you in the situations like these. We will arrange another Service Provider as per your required task within that time. Also, you can always cancel the job and book another one according to your needs.

In that case, the Service Provider will be responsible for your damage. Also, you can always inform us by calling our Customer Support Center.

We here have a team of very customer friendly Service Providers; they generally bound to complete their tasks without any dispute or disagreement. But, in case you get into a disagreement or dispute with them, you can always contact our Customer Support Team, we are here to help.


Application coming soon for Android and iOS.

Also available on the Web.