Local Got Talent offers lots of services for their customers and the LGT services pool keeps growing with new talent coming in each day! Hire their services and benefit from their talent. Following is the list of services we currently offer:

We have highly-skilled hairdressers to provide various hairdressing services to clients based on their needs, specifications, and preferences. The Hairdresser's responsibilities include maintaining a clean and organized work station, and recommending suitable hair care products to clients. They are also able to identify chronic scalp conditions and advise clients to seek medical treatment. Our outstanding Hairdresser are able to follow clients' instructions, demonstrate excellent communication skills, and keep abreast of the latest hairstyles and hairdressing techniques. Book yours now! All you have to do is choose the hair dresser you like and they will be available at the place and at the time you’ve requested. There are many more services, please refer to the Services section to find out what Services are available for hire in Local Got Talent.